The Great Piano Works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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ISBN 10: 1576239896
ISBN 13: 9781576239896
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Series: Belwin Classic Edition: The Great Piano Works Series
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate / Early Advanced
The piano music of the Viennese Classical master Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the focus of this book. The selections represent many of his Sonatinas, Minuets, Sonatas, and Variations, as well as a few shorter works from his vast repertoire. The pieces include fingerings and expression marks for a perfect performance. The selections cover a variety of Mozart's writing styles and feature works from his younger years to later in his life. 36 selections on 176 pages.
No. 1 in C Major
No. 2 in A Major
No. 3 in D Major
No. 4 in B-flat Major
No. 5 in F Major
No. 6 in C Major
K. 1 in G Major
K. 2 in F Major
K. 4 in F Major
K. 5 in F Major
K. 355 in D Major
K. 94 in D Major
Six Variations on an Allegretto, K. 137
Six Variations on an Allegretto, K. 54
Twelve Variations on a Minuet by Fischer
Six Variations on "Mio caro Adone" by Salieri
Nine Variations on "Lison dormait"
Twelve Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman"
Twelve Variations on "La Belle Francoise"
Ten Variations on an Air by Gluck
Nine Variations on a Minuet by Duport
Courante, from Suite K. 399
Rondo, K. 485
Two Minuets, from Sonata K. 282
Presto, from Sonata K. 280
Allegro con spirito, from Sonata K. 309
Andante Cantible, from Sonata K. 330
Minuet and Trio, from Sonata K. 331
Rondo Alla Turca, from Sonata K. 331
Allegro, from Sonata K. 332
Allegro assai, from Sonata K. 457
Allegretto Grazioso, from Sonata K. 333
Sonata K. 545
Sonata K. 576
Allegro, from Sonata K. 570
Fantasy K. 397