The Art of Trombone Playing
By Edward Kleinhammer
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Series: The Art of Series
Category: Brass - Trombone and Baritone Method or Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Trombone
Edward Kleinhammer, author of The Art of Trombone Playing, joined the Civic Orchestra, the training orchestra for the Chicago Symphony, in 1940. After two years he was accepted by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, where he remained for his entire career until he retired in 1985. He has played under every Chicago Symphony Orchestra conductor, covering from Frederick Stock to Sir Georg Solti. In 1986 he received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Trombone Association. While Kleinhammer states that his book "is written for the student who has no teacher available or for the teacher seeking more fundamental knowledge of the field of trombone playing," he emphasizes that it is also "for the trombonist (in any stage of proficiency) who is always a student."
1. Selection and Care of the Instrument and Equipment
2. The Breath
3. The Embouchure
4. Mouthpiece Practicing
5. Tone Quality
6. Volume Range
7. Tonal Range
8. Slide Technique
9. Detached Playing
10. Legato and Legato Tonguing
11. Daily Exercises
12. Intonation
13. Rhythm
14. Musical Interpretation and Style
15. Perfection, the Ultimate Goal
16. Selected Literature