The Art of French Horn Playing
By Philip Farkas
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Series: The Art of Series
Category: Brass - French Horn Method or Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: French Horn
First to be published in the series was The Art of French Horn Playing by Philip Farkas, now Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music at Indiana University. In 1956, when Summy-Birchard published Farkas's book, he was a solo horn player for the Chicago Symphony and had held similar positions with other orchestras, including the Boston Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, and Kansas City Conservatory, DePaul University, Northwestern University, and Roosevelt University in Chicago. The Art of French Horn Playing set the pattern, and other books in the series soon followed, offering help to students in learning to master their instruments and achieve their goals.
1. Choosing the Mouthpiece and Horn
2. Care and Maintenance of the Horn
3. Playing Position and Use of the Right Hand
4. Fingering and Tuning
5. Embouchure
6. Correct Breathing
7. Practice
8. Legato and Legato Tonguing
9. Tonguing
10. Staccato
11. Tone Quality
12. Musical Phrasing
13. Range
14. Endurance
15. Dynamic Range
16. Mouthpiece Pressure
17. Accuracy
18. Transposition
19. Lip Trills
20. Muting and Stopping the Horn
21. Miscellaneous Tips and Aids
22. Selected Etudes