The Art of Clarinet Playing
By Keith Stein
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Series: The Art of Series
Category: Woodwind - Clarinet Method or Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Clarinet
Keith Stein was already a phenomenal clarinetist when he attended the very first session of the National Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan. Stein was then accepted into the Chicago Symphony, and became one of its youngest members. He earned a master of music degree at the University of Michigan, and his teaching career began at Michigan State University and Interlochen, where he remained for the next 41 years until he retired. Within this book, the author makes the player aware of all the many faulty habits he may have acquired, then offers constructive suggestions for remedying each one.
1. The Mouthpiece and Ligature
2. The Reed
3. The Clarinet
4. Embouchure
5. Relaxation
6. Breathing and Support
7. Voicing the Tone, Opening Up, and Playing Through the Clarinet
8. Release and Tonguing
9. Hands and Fingers
10. Tone Quality, Matching Tones and Tonal Power
11. Intonation
12. High-Register Playing
13. Technique, Basic Fingerings and Reading Improvement
14. Balance of Resistance in Playing. Double-Lip Embouchure
15. Beginning Playing Procedures. The Cooley Rhythm System
16. Legato. Articulation
17. Phrasing, Interpretation and Musical Style
18. Suggested Literature for the Clarinet
19. Selected Etudes