Quick Chords
Every Chord -- Every Key
By Andy LaVerne
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ISBN 10: 1562240994
ISBN 13: 9781562240998
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Category: Keyboard/Piano
Format: Book
Instrument: Keyboard/Piano
Level: Beginner
Andy LaVerne has taken his years of experience as a first call jazz pianist and created this simple, pocket-sized, easy-to-use reference for playing chords that sound good instantly! Jazz pianists spend perhaps 80% of their practice time learning tunes and soloing. When they play in ensembles, however; they spend perhaps 80% of their time comping. It's no wonder that many jazz pianists are sometimes at a loss when it comes to comping competently. That's where Quick Chords can be of benefit--it's a collection of voicings that sound good instantly! Quick Chords can also be used as a resource to look up chord voicings. Voicings are written out in every key and organized into 8 common categories which can be found in most standard tunes. The convenient, pocket-sized book (3.5" x 5.5") with 101 pages easily fits into any gig bag---or even your back pocket!