Maiden Voyage Guitar Voicings
Mike Di Liddo's Guitar Comping Companion to the Aebersold Volume 54 Play-A-Long
By Mike DiLiddo
Item: 24-MVG
UPC: 635621500976
ISBN 10: 1562240889
ISBN 13: 9781562240882
PRICE: $19.95
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Level: Beginning/Intermediate
Contains written and recorded guitar accompaniment to the entire Volume 54: Maiden Voyage CD. This long awaited book includes easy-to-read music, chord symbols, and guitar frames above each example for the non-reading guitarist. Also included is a CD of Mike playing the voicings with the Maiden Voyage play-along. Special CD stereo separation allows you to eliminate the guitarist and sit in with just the bass and drums. These voicings are real world authentic chord voicings, not simplified sterile examples. It's a great opportunity to not only learn great jazz voicings, but to see how these voicings can be used to navigate blues, rhythm, and great standards. Band directors will love this one because now all members of the rhythm section can practice their comping with this world famous play-along (a book for pianists, drummers, and bassists are also available).