Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Volume 29: Play Duets with Jimmy Raney
10 Original Jazz Duets for You to Play
By Jimmy Raney
Item: 24-V29DS
UPC: 063562100292
ISBN 10: 1562241869
ISBN 13: 9781562241865
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Series: Jazz Play-A-Long for All Instrumentalists
Category: All Instruments Method or Collection
Format: Book & CD
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Now includes TAB parts in addition to "standard" music notation. All duets are written in C Concert with chord progressions transposed for B-flat and E-flat. Stereo separation allows you to switch off one channel and fill in the missing part. Melodies are written in duet form, followed by Jimmy comping on one channel and soloing on the other. Drummers and bassists---this is for you! There are no other instruments on the CD. Play with the CD in stereo, then separate the channels. Horn players will want to solo while Jimmy accompanies. Includes 10 original tunes based on standard chord progressions in a variety of feels and time signatures. Jimmy's improvised solos are also available as a supplemental book. Titles: Invention * Suspended Moon * Together * Jonathan's Waltz * Action * Samba Teekens * The Flag is Up * Blues * Andante * Fugato * Blues Allegro.