Dethklok: The Dethalbum
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ISBN 10: 0739057596
ISBN 13: 9780739057599
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Category: Guitar Personality
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Version: Authentic Guitar TAB Book & DVD
In 2007, Metalocalypse virtual band Dethklok released their debut album,The Dethalbum, with chart-topping success. This album-matching folio features all 15 regular tracks, plus the hidden theme song, in authentic guitar TAB transcriptions. Titles: Awaken * Better Metal Snake * Birthday Dethday * Bloodrocuted * Briefcase Full of Guts * Castratikron * Dethharmonic * Face Fisted * Fansong * Go into the Water * Go Forth and Die * Hatredcopter * The Lost Vikings * Murmaider * Thunderhorse * The Deththeme. A free DVD is included with guitar lessons from Skwisgaar and Brendon Small.
Bloodtrocuted Brendon Small (composer)
Better Metal Snake Brendon Small (composer)
The Lost Vikings Brendon Small (composer)
Hatredcopter Brendon Small (composer)
Face Fisted Brendon Small (composer)
Deththeme Brendon Small (composer); Tommy Blacha (composer)
Birthday Dethday Brendon Small (composer); Tommy Blacha (composer)
Murmaider Brendon Small (composer)
Go Into the Water Brendon Small (composer)
Awaken Brendon Small (composer)
Go Forth and Die Brendon Small (composer)
Fansong Brendon Small (composer)
Thunderhorse Brendon Small (composer)
Briefcase Full of Guts Brendon Small (composer)
Castratikron Brendon Small (composer)
Dethharmonic Brendon Small (composer)