Tom Warrington

Alfred Author-Tom Warrington

After completing a master's degree in composition from the University of Illinois, Tom moved to New York where he was immediately hired for a three-year tour with the Buddy Rich Band. While in New York, Tom worked with many other great artists including Stan Gets, Dave Liebeman and Hank Jones. Tom is now a resident of Los Angeles where he is actively performing and recording with artists such as Randy Baker, Denny Zeitlin, Bob Florence, Freddie Hubbard, Billy Childs and Peter Erskine. He has performed on countless movie and television scores and has performed and composed for numerous television commercials. His playing talents, couple with an unyielding emphasis on acute aural awareness, have kept him in demand for clinics and seminars. Tom teaches at the Grove School of Music and is one of the most sought-after bassists in Los Angeles.