Sue Lewis

Alfred Author/Sue Lewis

Sue Lewis, who travels as a marketing clinician for Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts workshops, has vast experience in the area of music retail and music education. She was a teacher-owner of two music schools in the Dallas, TX metro area, where she specialized in offering comprehensive musicianship courses for children ages 3 and up. For 12 years, she also traveled to music schools around the country as an educational and marketing consultant on behalf of Yamaha Music Education System. For seven years, Sue worked as a regional manager for Yamaha Corporation of America, overseeing the operations and educational quality of dealer- and independently owned-music schools in 19 states. She toured Japan on four occasions as a U.S. representative of Yamaha Music Education System.

Prior to becoming an Alfred clinician, she was a sales and promotion associate for a large keyboard chain with 62 retail locations, where one of her key duties was managing festivals and other educational events.

Sue Lewis received a Master of Music degree from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Vocal Performance from Stephens College, Columbia, MO.