Nathaniel Gunod

Nathaniel Gunod

Nathaniel Gunod is the Vice President of Production and Senior Acquisitions Editor, and Co-Team Leader for the Alfred M.I. Team.

Formerly the Managing Editor of Workshop Arts, Inc., Nathaniel Gunod has edited and/or overseen the publication of hundreds of instructional titles for many different instruments, in all styles, at all levels. This includes acting as producer of many videos and hundreds of audio CDs. His work as an editor and producer has included collaborations with such artists as jazz legends George Benson and John Abercrombie, rock guitar icon Joe Satriani, acoustic guitar virtuosi Adrian Legg and Martin Simpson, banjo guru Tony Trischka, and renowned classical guitarists such as Scott Tennant and Benjamin Verdery.

Nathaniel Gunod was the Chief Content Officer and EVP of Education at WorkshopLive, Inc. from 2005 to 2009. As the CCO of WorkshopLive, he oversaw the development and creation of over 2600 lessons for guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard in all styles at all levels. He ran the Curriculum and Production Division and was involved with general governance of the company.

Nathaniel Gunod has been an instructor of guitar at the Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University, where he taught aspiring classical guitarists from the preparatory through the graduate levels. He has toured nationally as a guitarist in the Gunod-Rosser Guitar and Harpsichord Duo, and holds the masters degree in guitar performance.

A sought-after judge of international and regional guitar competitions, he is the author of Classical Guitar for Beginners, Teach Yourself to Play Classical Guitar, Beginning Theory for Adults, and numerous other instructional texts, plus various books of transcriptions and arrangements, such as Renaissance Duets, Progressive Classical Solos and Basix Joplin for Guitar. He also has co-written several books with Ron Manus and L. C. Harnsberger, including Alfred’s Basic Rock Guitar, Books 1 and 2, Teach Your Child to Play Guitar, Books 1 and 2, and Teach Your Child to Play Ukulele, Books 1 and 2.