Kathy Holmes

Alfred Author-Kathy Holmes

Kathy Holmes began her love affair with the piano as soon as she was able to reach the keys. She began formal lessons at the age of seven and has always kept the piano a part of her daily routine. While she holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from Cabrillo College (in California), her first career was raising a family of three children. She always assumed she would eventually teach piano since both her aunt and grandmother were piano teachers. However, she waited until her youngest child was in school before she started on the path of her second career. Consequently, she considers herself a "late bloomer" as she was in her forties before she started composing, teaching and attaining a Bachelor's degree in Music from Hiram (Ohio) College.

Kathy considers herself very fortunate to be a part of a wonderful piano teacher group in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area—The Western Reserve Piano Teachers. This professional group of supportive and knowledgeable friends meets monthly and is always helpful in her pursuit of excellence in teaching and writing.