John Tatgenhorst

Alfred Author-John Tatgenhorst

John Tatgenhorst has thirty years experience with every aspect of music composing, arranging and conducting for TV, film and the recording industry. His career began with piano studies at age five. At age twelve, he started arranging percussion instruments and music, which led to composing and arranging music for band, orchestra and choral groups while in high school. He received his music education and music composition degrees from Ohio State University, graduate studies in conducting and music composition at Northwestern and UCLA. He received on-the-job training in film and television scoring with some of HollywoodÂ’s finest composers. In 1981, John created his own company, John Tatgenhorst Music, Inc., composing, arranging and recording for television, film and the recording industry with on-going production for ABC, CBS, Fox, FX, Walt Disney, Buena Vista and Sony Television.

Currently, John has over 600 publications, which include arrangements for Star Wars, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Fugitive. His arrangements have been performed at the Philadelphia Pops, Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, Ravinia, Tanglewood, Hollywood Bowl, St. Louis and Cleveland Pops Orchestra. He has also been the composer and conductor for film and television recording sessions with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road for Sony Music, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for Columbia Records, and Warner Brothers' Batman & Robin Animated TV Series at Burbank Studios.