Jesús Eduardo Florido

Alfred Author-Jesús Eduardo Florido

Violinist Jesús Eduardo Florido has established himself as a very versatile teacher and performer. His classical violin training includes studies with Lawrence Shapiro, Margaret Pardee, Josef Gingold and Davis Brooks, and masterclass performances for Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zuckerman and Dorothy DeLay. Additionally, he has also studied Afro-Cuban, jazz, rock, and fiddle music, which has given him a very global view of musical interpretation.

Sharing his music through teaching is an essential part of Mr. Florido's life. As a founding member of the National System of Youth and Children Orchestras in his native Venezuela, he continued a tradition of the program and started teaching very young. He has taught in Brazil, Spain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, and the United States, and asserts that "music has to be part of every child's life development anywhere the world."

American violinist/fiddler Mark O'Connor recognized Mr. Florido's talents, and has invited him to teach at his camps in Nashville and San Diego from 1999 to the present time, appearing on CBS Sunday Morning as part of Mr. O'Connor's lineup of artist/faculty.

Currently, Mr. Florido is an internationally sought-after string clinician. Based between Los Angeles and Vienna, he travels all over the world sharing his music in any way he can, and is an active member of ASTA, MENC, NARAS, and BMI.