Derryl R. Herring

Alfred Author-Derryl Herring

Derryl grew up at a trading post at Toadlena, New Mexico, on the Navajo Indian reservation. He attended a one-room schoolhouse, where one teacher taught grades one through eight. Derryl's grandmother, Lucy G. Bloomfield, was a talented writer, painter and musician, with several published compositions. Derryl began his music education with piano and voice lessons from the Urseline nuns at Waterflow, New Mexico. His mother drove the 60 miles between the trading post and the Catholic school once a week for five years before the family moved to Farmington, NM for Derryl's high school education.

Derryl graduated from Farmington High School and attended Brigham Young University, where he received both his BA and MA degrees in music education. He is certified to teach music K-12, secondary French, and general elementary classroom.

Derryl married Michèle Dunoyer of Grenoble, France. They have three children, André, Ariane and Pierre, and 10 grandchildren.

During a long teaching career Derryl taught junior high school French, elementary school general music, junior high choir, as well as third and fourth grades. He also taught college French and a workshop in elementary school music for the classroom teacher.

During his years in the classroom Derryl composed many songs for his students, with special emphasis on holiday music. He is especially proud of the songs written especially for his Navajo Indian classes at Nenahnezad and at Atsá Biyáázh schools. His favorite compilation is called Christmas in Navajoland, including the children's favorite, Santa Has a Pickup Truck. He continues to compose and to arrange the songs he created during a long career in classroom music.