Bert Stratton

Alfred Author-Bert Stratton
As far back as Bert Stratton can remember, it’s always been about the song. The marriage between the melody and the lyrics held him spellbound for hours. His parents had quite an eclectic album collection and Bert played every record he could get his hands on. Each song was an incredible journey to an unexplored world, and he never tired of going! He started piano lessons at 7 and never looked back. Playing and singing along with the piano and guitar he picked up at 13, he studied the rhymes and word structures as well as keys, modulations and tempos.

He went on to Ithaca College Music School where he studied advanced music theory and sight singing.  It was there he composed his first song which was followed by hundreds more! Like most artists, Bert hold his work up to the true masters and it forces him to be relentless in his search for perfection. His first major breakthrough came when Pat Boone recorded one of Bert’s songs and made it a title cut on his newest album. Bert is also a writer member of ASCAP. His credits are many. He has been published numerous times with Shawnee Press, Carl Fischer, Briley, Lorenz and Alfred. He has written, recorded, and produced 4 original CDs which have sold thousands of copies all over the world.

Bert has recently moved to Nashville TN with his family to devote full time to his music. With the joy of a songwriting career finally being realized, he knows the possibilities are infinite.